Will KC go back to Gas Monkey? Is KC still friends with Aaron/Richard? When will KC start his own show?

KC is not going back to be a regular team member of Gas Monkey Garage/Fast-n-Loud for the foreseeable future--but he remains good friends with both the Gas Monkey Garage Crew and the Film Crew.  A TV show takes a lot of time and work, something KC is currently enjoying investing in his family, business, and friends. 

I am looking to restore my car. Do you only paint?

No, we can do your complete restoration! We take pride in offering not only quality paint jobs, but in quality full builds. Let us make your dreams come true! 

How much will it cost?

Our shop rate is $75 per hour, plus the cost of materials, supplies, and parts (if needed); with that said, the total cost varies greatly depending on the magnitude of the restoration and the condition at drop off (i.e. rust repair, custom fabrication required, etc). Though we stay in constant communication with our customers throughout the build, discuss problems and changes recommended, etc. there is no way to bid a job accurately before getting into it.

When it comes to custom paint work, this is based on a per job bases and KC will discuss the costs and process with you up front.

Can you give me a quote?

No, until we begin work on the car and determine what is under all the layers, etc., we have no idea! There is great variability when dealing with old cars, and that requires a complete understanding of all the required work, and therefore we cannot commit to an estimate beforehand.

As for custom paint work, we are able to offer quotes per job.

Will you come check out my vehicle before I bring it in?

This is on a case by case basis. KC typically spends time discussing your project over the phone and reviewing emailed photos prior to bringing it in.

Another shop has my car in primer, can you paint it?

We cannot paint a vehicle over body work we did not do. We will be happy to paint it but we will be taking it all the way back down first.

What about rust?

Unfortunately, rust repair is difficult to estimate; paints and fillers hide a lot of corrosion that we won’t be able to see until vehicle is stripped. Rust is insidious in nature and tends to attack panels from the inside out so by time you see the damage, there is considerably more you don’t see. This is why prep is key to any quality paint job.

What parts will need to be purchased?

This is mostly up to the customer and the magnitude of the build.  This is discussed with KC in the beginning stages and he will gladly offer suggestions and work with you to come up with the best plan for your vehicle.

How does payment work for restorations?

We require a deposit at drop off (or to hold place on schedule). We e-bill bi-weekly thereafter. Payments can be made online through invoice, in person, or by mailed, whichever is most convenient for the customer.

How many hours are typical to restore?

It is difficult to predict the hours required for a restoration. Once we have gone over your vehicle and created an estimate, we will have a rough idea of the hours required for the project; however, even after a thorough initial examination, the extent of rust, damage, and state of the parts under paint, fillers, and panels cannot be determined.

Can we restore the vehicle in stages?

Yes, whether you wish to complete some of the phases or you want to stagger the restoration for budgetary reasons, we can accommodate your requirements and work with you.

Will I get reports on progress?

Yes, we will provide updates with the invoice bi-weekly, usually photos as well! KC also updates by phone, text, or email often.


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